Steve Giles completes the setup of the sonar tripod. The system is lightweight, easy to assemble and deploy.










Sergeant Jeff Morgan from the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department provided the Kongsberg scanning sonar for the day's demonstration. Training Officer Dominique Evans-Bye worked with Sgt. Morgan to put together a compass navigation exercise in conjunction with the sonar demo. Sgt. Morgan is pictured here displaying a compass board used by his team for navigation. 









The new Radon dive boat was used by the team for the first time.







First launching at Lake Piru.






The sonar unit was deployed from the Radon.  Sgt. Morgan ran the software from his laptop in the boat's cabin. Divers were staged in from shore to the search area, shuttled to and fro using personal water craft equipped with rescue raft. Steve Giles ran the topside to diver communications. Boat to shore communications were established by hand-held radios.




To see the action below the boat, Download a trial version of the Camtasia Player .With this software, you can view sonar images on  the Kongsberg software of divers following a compass heading given from the surface command.

Click here for sonar images.






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