Hardhat Diving Introduction


Santa Barbara City College

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Dominique waits for the final phase of gear up before entering the diving well at Santa Barbara City College. Surface-to-diver communication equipment can be seen in the background (orange   box). Tenders constantly monitor divers underwater using hardline communication.




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 Dom gives the "OK" sign to signal her tender  that she's ready to   enter the well.








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 Jim acts as tender and guides Dom to the diving  well making sure to keep the lines clear of  obstructions.  






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Inside the 55-gallon drum is a pipe puzzle the   diver must put together with a large crescent   wrench. The puzzle must be completed before   the diver's exhaust bubbles fill the drum   enough to rise it to the surface. 





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In this exercise, the diver's faceplate is blacked   out with duct tape. The diver must tie four   knots, a bowline, figure eight, sheet bend and   square knot onto the bar by feel alone. 




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After the exercises are completed, Wes leads   Dom back to the surface station where she can   get out of her gear and pass it on to the next   diver. 



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Once out of the water, it was a relief to get the   helmet off. Superlites are really not very light!




Photos by Dieter Schwake


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