Full Face Mask and Underwater Communications Training


Training outline for this session

Training outline for second pool session

Training outline for openwater

Diver Checkout List (Revised)

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Equipment Officer Steve Giles goes over care, maintenance and general guidelines for using the new ScubaPro full face masks (FFM) with Divelink wireless communications.





Robert Loop holds up his mask for closer inspection during the training.









Mike Fisher learns how to adjust the communicator through the on, off and emergency modes.






Team members topside watch as divers practice mask adjustments. This was the first pool training session using the individually issued FFMs. At this point, many members where still experimenting with the configuration of their back-up air supply.





Divers had to remove and replace the FFM five times in this surface drill.






Underwater, divers moved on to the next drill, mask flood and clear. This was repeated five times.






A dive buddy is there to help out when necessary.















During the next drill, divers are watched as they remove and replace the FFM five times.







































After achieving mastery of mask removal and replacement, divers then had to switch to an alternate air supply and back-up mask. This diver did not have a pony bottle set up yet, so a spare air was substituted for the pool session.

















































Corrective lenses are easily installed into the full face masks.








All the drills went well. Divers learned valuable skills and increased their confidence using the masks.








After all the drills were mastered, divers take turns reading off a list of words to topside. Surface support evaluated the divers communications for clarity.


























Jeff Gorski records diver proficiency during the training session.







Openwater Training Lake Casitas
(See openwater training outline at top of page)


Divers are briefed at surface before practicing the underwater drills. Both the Hysucat and Wellcraft are stationed nearby for support and comm.'s coordination.
































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