Training on the  Dive Boat Explorer

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nitroxtanks copy.jpg (28288 bytes)Nitrox cylinders were rented from Ventura Dive & Sport. The dive shop had loaded the cylinders onto the Explorer for us, so the team was good to go when arriving on the boat the morning of the dive.





analyzer3copy.jpg (26180 bytes)When using EANx, a diver must always analyze the contents of a scuba cylinder prior to use. Making mistakes with oxygen mixtures can have serious, or even deadly consequences. 







analyzer1 copy.jpg (24605 bytes)Team members practice calibrating the oxygen analyzer, then analyze their own cylinders before each dive.






analyzer2 copy.jpg (20873 bytes)  The practice is good, even for those who have been EANx   certified for quite some time.







charliesuited copy.jpg (24639 bytes)It is a nice day, and Charlie is one of the first to be ready to dive. As soon as the hook was dropped, Charlie (and Dieter) were in the water.






enter1 copy.jpg (19653 bytes)  Eric is signed out by the divemaster before entering the   water.







enter3 copy.jpg (29718 bytes)It is important not to lose your head when diving with nitrox. (Sorry Ray!)







ok copy.jpg (28895 bytes)All EANx candidates successfully demonstrated proficiency in planning their dives, operating the oxygen analyzer and tracking nitrogen/oxygen exposure limits.





  Interesting nitrox websites:


Nitrox Diving

What is Nitrox?

Nitrox Course Outline

The VC SAR takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented on these websites. Do not attempt to dive with EANx unless trained and certified to do so by a recognized certification agency.


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