Code 3 Driver Training

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Each search and rescue unit in Ventura County has a support vehicle equipped with Sheriff's emblem, lights and sirens. All personnel driving these vehicles must receive "Code 3" emergency driving training. The following photos capture some highlights of the March 2000 Code 3 training. The practice exercises included "City driving" with lights and sirens, "collision avoidance" and "obstacle steering".


The Dive Team receives a briefing from one of the Code 3 instructors.



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Dieter has "hurry up and wait" down to a science.


"Collision avoidance" was expanded to include large aircraft landing in our practice area.



"Collision avoidance" was a high speed exercise were the driver would receive last minute instructions over the radio on (without braking) which way to turn the vehicle, or sometimes, no instructions were given, which implied the driver should brake hard once the vehicle passes a given point.


Greg Sanders keeps his composure while making a high speed sharp left turn and narrowly misses running over the orange cones.  Way to drive Greg!


The Fillmore Team can be seen huddled in the background as two vehicles navigate through "obstacle steering", forward then backwards.


Mike Fisher, Deputy Sheriff and Dive Team member, stops by (while on duty) to check out training operations.



Photos by Dominique Evans-Bye


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