Call-Out Scenario Training


Three teams of four were organized to respond to different call-out scenarios. Each team needed to choose a team leader (divemaster) and demonstrate efficiency in planning, organization and search procedures.   A senior team member was assigned as an evaluator for each group. Details of the training can be found off the link below.

Training outline and evaluation checklist for this operation.





Mike Fisher was designated divemaster for his team. here he is shown conducting an interview of one of the witnesses.










After Mike gathers information, he briefs his team and makes initial assignments.







John Sullivan documents information and procedures for his team. Evaluator Dieter Schwake observes and closely shadows the team's progress.








Sullivan and team checks in with Larry Fuller, the incident commander for the evolution.








James DeLeon uses arm signals to position a swimmer.









The positioning was accurate thanks to a good "point last seen" determined from the witnesses interviewed.











Divers gave up on the body bag provided for the practice. "Water body bags" that are open on both ends and only held closed by small velcro tabs were found to be insufficient for the job.







During an actual call-out, victims would be handled much more discretely.




























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