All-Team Training 2002

This year's event was hosted by the Upper Ojai team, SAR 1. The itinerary included a presentation by Dr. Ben Schifrin on wilderness medicine. Dan Thompson, investigator with the District Attorney's office gave a crime scene "Do's and Don'ts" slideshow. SAR 1's Jeff Cooper put on a GPS clinic and Kevin Hartigan ran  a rope anchoring clinic. After dinner, Greg Epperson joined us and gave a "Big Wall Climbing" slide presentation.


Dr. Ben Schifrin goes over topics such as hypothermia and dehydration in his wilderness medicine presentation. Hot tip from the Doc- pack Snicker's bars, not solar blankets, to guard against hypothermia.






Dan Thompson details a few case studies from Ventura County, showing how SAR teams have aided in investigations.













The lectures left standing room only.










Some of the photos weren't for the squeamish.








Jeff Cooper gives SAR teams hands-on practice with the GPS.









GPS can be confusing.












Some struggle with the technology, but Cooper doesn't let them give up.










To the experienced SAR members, reading topo maps is second nature.









Everyone soon catches on.









Kevin Hartigan and his crew explain details of creating rock anchors.







Various anchoring systems where demonstrated.

















The strength of the anchors is measured with electronic devices.








Andy Martinez tries to learn all he can about anchors.









Traverson, Gorski and Fuller watch as Andy learns about anchors.







Sheriff Bob Brooks and Undersheriff Craig Husband arrive towards the end of the training for the awards ceremony and barbecue.







Les takes his hat off to the guys as they arrive on scene.








Administration Officer Jeff Gorski receives his badge from Sheriff Brooks.












Team Medical Officer, Dr. Tom Millington, accepts his badge from Sheriff Brooks.













Training Officer Dominique Evans-Bye was happy to receive a ten-year service recognition award from Sheriff Brooks.











Charter member Les Meredith is proud to accept a 35-year service recognition award from Sheriff Brooks.










Original members of Ventura County Sheriff's Search and Rescue.








Jude Egold gets the barbecue ready.









Sgt. Paul Worthy enjoys cooking, but not having his picture taken.











Cookie samples his chili to make sure its just right before serving it out to the teams.








As always, the barbecue was excellent.








Paul enjoys his dinner, but still doesn't enjoy having his picture taken.








The raffle is a long-standing tradition for All-Team Training.






Rob Rutter from Team 3 sells equipment from his company, SAR Outfitter. All-Team Training gives him the chance to promote the latest search gear as well as all the necessary basics to fellow team members.






Thanks to Rob, it can now be shown that guys like to shop just as much as women do.




Thanks to all who put together this year's training. VC SAR now looks forward to 2003 All-Team Training.



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