All Team Training 1999

In 1999, All-Team Training took place in September, at Lake Casitas.  The event was hosted by the administration team and the theme was a downed aircraft with many casualties. As the call went out, teams were scrambled, IC and triage were staged.  The Posse, K-9 units, Fillmore, Ojai & East Valley Mountain Rescue searched the mountainside, while the Dive Team was able to rescue two victims from the water. In an unrelated (staged) incident, the dive team recovered one jet skier who had drown just before the aircraft scenario went into play.  The air unit was kept very busy with repeated calls for emergency evacuation. 

The following photos illustrate the step-by-step progression of the water rescue.       

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        ATicsteve1.jpg (65684 bytes)








          ATvictimtow1.5.jpg (66453 bytes)






ATvictimtow1.jpg (72965 bytes)           






ATvictimcarryout2.5.jpg (93912 bytes)            







ATvictimcarryout3.jpg (97722 bytes)     








ATvictimclose.jpg (72343 bytes)  







ATmikeydirect.jpg (96065 bytes)











    More All-Team Photos

Photos courtesy of Mark Metzner

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