The Kongsberg scanning sonar device in the process of being set-up. A rotating head sits on a tripod of PCV pipes and gives a 360 degree image of the search area.







Sergeant Jeff Morgan sets up a laptop computer and projector in the Vantuna Galley so a live image can be seen during the demonstration. An EAST student is on hand to offer assistance.








Equipment Officer Steve Giles lowers the sonar into the water off San Pedro while another EAST student looks on. The tripod is weighted so that it naturally rights itself on the bottom.











The device was easily deployed off the stern of the RV Vantuna.








Here is the sonar unit sitting on the bottom.












Research and Development Officer Larry Fuller of VC SAR suits up to dive for the sonar demonstration.




























Fuller and Training Officer Dominique Evans-Bye (EAST Facilitator) use full face masks with DiveLink underwater communicators to receive instructions from the boat and talk to topside personnel.








Evans-Bye gets a final checkout from an Oxnard PD diver before entering the water.








The diver is steadied at the gate with the heavy equipment. Redundant systems are important when diving with a full face mask. Divers carry an extra mask and extra air supply (pony bottle).






Fuller also gets a final check-out.









Fuller had just entered the water and gave an "OK" signal before moving off to join his buddy.








Giles runs surface communication with the divers.













Sergeant Morgan uses Kongsberg software to show live images of the divers underwater and can direct them to a target using surface to diver communications.







Divers receive a compass heading from the surface and head out to investigate a sonar target.

















The sonar showed a small reef on the otherwise flat featureless bottom of the area being studied.








The reef was blanketed in gorgonians.









After the divers surface, Giles declines offers to help pull the unit back up. He finds it is light-weight and easily managed.












Sergeant Morgan debriefs the divers.

















The sonar system has a built-in GPS. EAST students compare the accuracy of the Kongsberg system to the class Trimble units. GPS coordinates are taken on each sampling location.









Vantuna's marine biologist, John Murphy, retrieves the Van Veen grab and places the sediment sample into the collecting pan.












Here an EAST student carefully collects a sediment sample into an EPA approved collection jar.

















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