Progressive jackpot slots online

progressive jackpot

Online slots are the most popular casino games for gamers , and online casinos understand this. The best online casinos usually offer a large collection of no-download slots. We can even make the connection with land-based casinos which often have much more slot machine games than table games. This is due to the fact that this casino game is extremely easy to understand, entertaining and above all it allows you to win large sums, especially with progressive jackpots. Especially since the redistribution rate of these online casino games is high (often greater than 96%).

Progressive jackpot or not?

There is obviously no silver bullet or method to make sure you win at slots, and don’t necessarily believe what you find on the internet. However, there are smart approaches that can significantly change your chances of winning the jackpot, or simply being able to play slot machines for longer with the same starting capital. Playing well starts with making a wise choice. For us there is an important first choice to make:

  • if your goal is to win a huge jackpot then it will be necessary to select only progressive jackpot slot machine games. These will be the only games that will allow you to land a jackpot of several million. You will be able to see this if you read our news regularly.
  • if your objective is not to win a large amount but to have more chances of winning smaller more regular amounts, conversely, you should not choose casino games with progressive jackpots.

You should know that a progressive jackpot slot machine aims to create a very large jackpot. This means that it will redistribute as much as any other slot machine, but during that time you will not have won small amounts. Concretely, this casino game is only interesting for the lucky winner, who will have won all by himself the many small gains that could have been distributed to other players.

It is therefore often more interesting to avoid these games in order to have, on the contrary, games which do not have large amounts to win (limited to less than € 20,000) but which make it possible to have more often gains, often appreciable! It is a mathematical principle that few players know and it is especially important to make the choice according to your objectives.

This process also works in land-based casinos, for example there are “Megapot” slot machines, games connected together between several land-based casinos belonging to the Partouche group. Playing on these machines is only of “mathematical” interest if your objective is to win this famous Megapot. If, on the other hand, you prefer to aim for a comfortable but much more accessible gain, go your way and concentrate on games that are not connected to this network of machines.

We even advise you to always use a free no deposit bonus on games with small amounts, this will allow you to increase your chances of having an interesting capital very quickly at your favorite online casino. And if you combine this approach with the addition of interesting bonuses and ideally regular cashback, you will see that in the long run there will be a significant difference in the winnings. And do not hesitate to use our site to detect free slot machines with progressive jackpot or not!

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