Evidence Search for Missing Handgun


Senior Deputy Rick Harwood and dive team members establish the point last seen (PLS) and gather information from Ventura County Sheriff's homicide detectives.




The Sheriff's Raden dive boat sends in first team of divers to set the PLS marker and begin search patterns.






Harwood and Traverson coordinate with divers on the boat to set the PLS as accurately as possible.






Divers are watched and guided to the PLS.







An area marker is set on the PLS.










John Jackson assists Jay Fischer set up for a semi-circular search pattern off the pier.






The next set of divers are staged in off the shore to work in towards divers working off the boat.






Divers enter outside the search area.









Team members assist the divers with their search equipment.








Harwood acts as a visual reference point for the divers.





View of the Ventura Pier and search area.







As the tide fell, divers searched the surf zone while others ran underwater search patterns.








Team Captain Tim Coates investigates alternate search methods to use when area is searched again with an underwater metal detector.







He briefs Dr. Millington on the alternative method.









Team members are there to help diver Charles Simons out as the operation comes to a close.








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