2001 Academy

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April 6, Orientation slide show

April 8, Confined water evaluation

April 13, Physiology and dive accidents, characteristics of a drowning victim, basic oceanography review.

Links for review:

    Dr. Millington's presentation on drownings

    Diving Medicine Online

    Rescue/Body Recovery

      Week 2 Quiz

April 20, Fatalities; working with County Medical Examiners, crime scene evaluation and evidence handling.

        Links for review:

            Ventura County Medical Examiner

            Rescue/Body Recovery

            Firearms ID

            Week 3 Quiz

April 22 Beach Evaluation

April 27, Water Rescue

Links for review:

    Rescue vs. Recovery ~ DART

    The Golden Hour

    12 Signs Your Buddy's About to Panic

    Panic Underwater

    Water Rescue Lecture Presentation

    Week 4 Quiz

April 29, Water rescue skills practice/evaluation.

May 4, Search patterns, communications

Links for review:

    Search Patterns

    Search Equipment


    Week 5 Quiz

May 6, Buoyancy control evaluation, U/W search pattern and body bagging practice.

May 11, Night dive, compass and navigation

May 18, Dive Physics

Links for review:

    Recovery & Salvage

    Scuba Physics; Buoyancy and Gas Laws

    Week 7 Quiz

May 20, Entanglement, u/w communicators

May 25, Divemaster procedures/first responder responsibilities

Links for review:

   Organization and planning

   Witness interview techniques

    Divemaster Checklist (PDF)

    ICS forms (Not the official forms VCSO uses, but good for practice)


    DM Procedures lecture presentation

    Week 8 Quiz

May 27, DM Procedures practice, Lake Piru

June 1, Procedures for establishing a search grid

Links for review:

       Establishing Grid Patterns

June 3, Establish search grid, PWC familiarization, comm gear/search, Lake Piru

June 8, Incident Command System, knots and rigging.

Links for review:   

June 10, Evidence search, collection and recovery, Lake Piru

June 17, Final training scenario, graduation barbeque

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