How to Join Our Team

Let me start by saying thanks for your interest in the Ventura County Search and Rescue Dive Team. We are happy to welcome new members to the team just as soon as the need arrives. That need is determined by the number of active members. The team recruits new members as the list of divers on the active roster gets low. When it is time to recruit, the team conducts an "underwater academy". The academy is 75 hours of training. The training consists of classroom, pool and open water diving. It is designed to evaluate diving knowledge, comfort level in the water, and to train candidates in underwater search procedures. Candidates are required to complete the entire course with no absences to be eligible for the team. After successful completion of the course, the team votes on whether to accept the new candidates. If accepted, the new divers are placed on probationary status for one year, until additional specialized training is completed. Mandatory team training sessions take place the second Sunday of each month. Probationary divers are required to attend all sessions to achieve active status.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Underwater Search and Rescue Team needs qualified divers who are skilled and reliable and willing to volunteer their time in a commitment to their community.

 Prospective candidates must attend the orientation session for the Under Water Academy on Friday, January 12 at 7:00 PM at the Sheriff’s Academy, located at Eubanks and Willis on the grounds of the Camarillo Airport.  Map

Fee:  $200.00 to offset cost of the training.

In order to be eligible for team membership, candidates must demonstrate mastery of advanced diving skill by successfully completing the training program. Classes are held on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings, from June 1 through August 26, 2007.

 To see details of a previous academy, click here.

Requirements for membership include:

 Applicants must be 21 years of age  Applicants must own personal dive gear
 Applicants must meet all background requirements     of the Sheriff's Department  Applicants must be a resident of Ventura County or  immediate vicinity and approved by majority vote of  the team
 Applicants must hold a current Open Water  certification  Applicants must have a current Medical Statement  form
 Applicants must hold a current First Aid and CPR  card  Applicants must have a signed Liability Release and  Express Assumption of Risk form
 Applicants must hold and maintain a valid CA  drivers license  

Academy training schedule to be posted.

For additional information concerning the Dive Academy, call Dive Team Captain Tim Coates at (805) 469-3122, Sheriff’s SAR Captain Steve Giles at (805) 388-4218 or SAR Coordinator Rick Harwood at (805) 388-4257.


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