Day: May 20, 2021

Slot machine tournaments

Slot machines are among the flagship entertainment in virtual or traditional gambling houses. The reason is that their payout rates are the most attractive among the game lines in casinos. Zoom on “slot machine tournaments”. A game mode that adds more excitement to slots.

From time to time some casinos offer slots tournaments. These allow gaming aficionados to generate much more money. There are standard tournaments and Sit and Go. In the second case, players can either stay or leave the tournament. This is called a Sit’n’Go tournament. Some online games do not require participation in these contests. This is the case for example of the Poker tournament or Blackjack Freerolls. However, in the latter, the registration and registration of the player must be done well in advance of the tournament. Because the game attracts a lot of fans, because it offers real money when you don’t have to pay anything. On the other hand, it is possible that we make a small contribution when registering in paid tournaments.

How slot tournaments work

The casino reserves a certain number of places for each tournament. Each place is paid at one dollar. We put the participation of each player in a common pot. The amount of the latter depends on the pot. The participant has a certain credit to play for a certain time on the slot. He must collect the maximum possible credits during a defined time. This can last 20 minutes and can go up to several hours depending on the casino. When the time has elapsed, the player can check his overall ranking and his results among the other game competitors.

The Sit’n’Go tournament

This has the same concept as the paid contests. The participant would have to pay a derisory participation fee. A certain time and a certain notional amount are allotted to the player. He would have to increase them during his game. But the difference with this game mode is that it will not start until all the places have been taken. The participants must therefore all be present. In fact, this kind of tournament could start well even with 2 participants. So, if there will be 5 players and an entry fee of 2 dollars, the casino decides the amount of the prize pool. It could be around $ 9 in this case. In a large tournament of $ 20 participation, the prize pool could rise to $ 80. On the other hand, if during the event, a participant has won the jackpot, this gain is non-existent.

The Grand Slam of slots

“The Grand slam of slots” of 2009 is one of the most enticing slots tournaments. The player would need to have a “real money” account to participate. They will receive confirmation of their participation by e-mail. During this tournament, there was a total prize of 1,300,000 euros. The winner had won a staggering sum of 1 million euros. In addition, 3 new cars were also in the basket. Many French casinos have offered this great tournament. These include Jackpot City, Golden Riviera etc. As a reminder, in the Grand Slam of Slots II, the final of which was held on May 27, 2011, the starting pot was $ 290,000. This rose to $ 490,000. The thunderstruck, Avalon, Ladies light and Tomb rider slots were the most used during this tournament.

How to win a slot machine tournament?

The competitive feel adds a more zesty touch to slots tournaments. In principle, there are between 3 to 6 periods in this competition. The 2 participants who have won the most money qualify for the next round. To hope to emerge victorious in the final, the player would have to bet the maximum and gamble for everything. This technique allows you to climb your scale. And since he is not playing with real money, the fear of emptying his wallet does not arise. However, at the same time he would have to keep an eye on his ranking. If he is far ahead of his competitors, he should stop playing so as not to be eliminated.

Long before the start of the competition, the casino announces the general conditions of the tournament: duration, participation price, condition of elimination. The participants all receive the same number of tokens at the start of the game. Whoever collects the most number of tokens finishes first on the list. The winner is not only the first place, usually the top 10 players win a prize. To conclude, whoever makes large bets and dedicates enough time to the tournament can win the tournament.